Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google

Chapter 14: You Can Learn a Lot From a Query

Executive Summary:

Why does the same Google search bring up different results for different people?

By tracking people’s queries over time, Google can deliver personalized results. This takes into account your preferences, location, etc.

The insights that can be inferred from search queries extend well beyond Google, though. Queries are a window into people’s intent and, when aggregated, can provide better direction that any mere focus group. Self-reported intent, indeed.

Many search engine marketing (SEM) agencies have rounded out their services to include other facets of digital marketing because the data and insights driven by search have some far-reaching application from (re)defining your audience to deciding what markets to support to predicting elections!

Marketers must use query data beyond their SEM campaigns. Tap the “database of intentions” to learn about your audience and better service them.

Select Quotes:

“Search is a bit like a window to the soul.”

– Michelle Prieb, Project Manager, Research and Communications Organization, Center for Media Design, Ball State University, @meprieb

“There is an abundance of data available in the digital world and if it’s harnessed effectively and correctly it can provide terrific insights.”

– Gian Fulgoni, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, comScore, @GFulgoni

“So do people in Australia refer to the rest of the world as ‘Up Over’?”

– Nut the Squirrel, @NutTheSquirrel

“Marketers have the ultimate petri dish of research in intent-driven responses provided online.”

– Chris Copeland, CEO, GroupM Search, @SearchBoss

Final Thought:

If your marketing plan is looking dreary, put your faith into the power of the query.

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