Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google

Chapter 6: Don’t Interrupt

Executive Summary:

Why do Google search ads get such high response rates?

Ads on Google reach people at the right time. They don’t interrupt what people are doing. People search because they have a problem to solve or a decision to make. What better time for a marketer to deliver a message?

The key for brands is to plant intent in the minds of your customers and prospects. Seek out apertures when you can reach your audience at moments they are most likely to be responsive and not annoyed by your message.

Gatorade did this for its G2 launch by surrounding its audience and creating mystique via teaser ads.

Zappos does this by placing ads in bins at airport security — where you’re likely to realize you need new shoes.

Twitter is a channel that has become a trusted source of interesting and current information for consumers. In turn, it’s a great pull channel for sales, marketing and customer service.

Best Buy, Comcast, and Dell are three companies taking advantage of the Twitter potential.

Focus on finding people in-between content consumption when they’re most likely to respond. Map your brand to their intent. Don’t push. Don’t yell. Don’t sell. Don’t tell. Show.

Select Quotes:

“There is far more good work to do than there is time. Chose carefully.”

– John Battelle, Founder and CEO, Federated Media Publishing, @JohnBattelle

“Brands can’t win by yelling the loudest.”

– Jon Raj, Founder and Managing Partner, Cello Partners, @JonRaj

“The pace is speeding up. [Consumers] are speeding down the funnel. Marketers need to catch them.”

– Riki Nakasuji, North America Agency Lead, Online Sales and Operations, Google, @RikiNakasuji

“If someone from Google says it, it must be true, because Google said it.”

– Leigh Terry, Managing Partner, OMD Australia

“Text ads can drive brand association and connection.”

– Penry Price, VP, Global Agency and Industry Development, Google, @PenryPrice

“I’ve always believed that no one every learned anything while they were talking.”

– Mark Goldstein, Vice Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer, BBDO North America, @MDGoldstein

“Consumers will tune out when forced to tune in.”

– Scott Shamberg, SVP, Marketing and Media, Critical Mass, @Shamberg

Final Thought:

Just remember, the key is not to…



August, 10, 2011: Pew Internet put out some new research about how people spend their time online. This serves as a good complement/update to the OPA data presented in this chapter. Key findings include 92% of online adults use search engines to find information but only 29% on a daily basis. Laurie Sullivan shares more nuggets from this research in her MediaPost coverage.

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