Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google


Official Endorsements:
“Google is a once-in-a-generation company. Aaron Goldman has written an essential book that goes beyond telling us how Google became so important to explaining why the revolution its leading will affect everyone in media and marketing.”

– Brian Morrissey, Digital Editor, Adweek

“An insightful tour of the elements that have made Google successful combined with a usable guide on how to apply this learning to your business.”

– Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, VivaKi

Press/Blog Reviews:
“A well arranged book which can play an important role in teaching the lessons of digital marketing to those keen to learn it from and through Google.”


“Valuable read for the Net savvy marketers.”

The Hindu

“This entertaining and irreverent guide lays out 20 powerful lessons straight from Google’s playbook, and covers everything from advertising, branding and public relations to product development and promotions.”

NICHE Magazine

“As an author Goldman uses a playful, personal tone, and his experience as one of the company’s biggest clients, to ‘demystify’ Google.”


“Goldman presents a payload of ideas from a vast array of industry insiders and observers — not just from Google’s history.”


“Internet marketing veteran Aaron Goldman helps readers understand how people use Google, the opportunities in which consumers are most susceptible to marketing, and the proper use of keywords and other techniques that can help entrepreneurs use Google to their advantage.”

Business Book Summaries

“In Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google, we see how Google used the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and the wisdom of crowds, and tested and tracked customer responses and data to shape its message and move its name from a noun to a verb.”

Business in Vancouver

“Internet business expert Aaron Goldman distills Google’s marketing magic into basic principles any company can use to increase sales.”


“This book is an excellent read — smart, great examples and lots of applicable, customer-centric ideas.”

Drew’s Marketing Minute

“Goldman’s brilliant and unique idea to use Google’s expertise as a filter to explain just about every area of marketing, from advertising, branding and PR to product development, promotions, social media, SEM/SEO, web development and word–of-mouth in all formats (including digital, television, print, radio and mobile), ought to be required reading.”

Networking Times

“I would totally recommend this book as it ties in true stories from industry leaders and fortune 500 Companies, as they share their failure and success in emarketing.”

Favorite e-commerce Books 2010 (University of Colorado)

“I think the best thing about Aaron’s book is how well he has constructed an in depth yet simple view of how digital marketing has evolved based in large part on Google as the foundation.”

Experience Matters: Critical Mass

“Research manual or marketing overview, this book explains the Internet as it is now, as well as where it, and our customers, may be going in the future.”

Escarpment Views

“Well written, organized and clear – great for a coast to coast plane ride.”

Knights on the Road

“It’s the usual accessible, undemanding, chattily-written stuff that one might expect.”

Canalside View

“The book is filled with alot of great information including tips and exercises entrepreneurs starting a business, the evolution of marketing, and what Google’s marketing strategy is.”

Digital Girl’s Realm

“A great book about the mindset behind the human-based marketing efforts of Google and how your business can use them.”

Daniel Roach’s Blog

“Excellent and should be an essential addition to the bookshelf of anyone earning a living – or looking to – from digital or contemporary marketing.”

Alan Charlesworth

“Mr. Goldman’s book is not strictly about Google—it actually gives great insight into other aspects of marketing, branding and making your business great.”

Daniel Hood

Amazon Reviews:
“Aaron is an effortless writer, taking us through numerous scenarios in which real-world lessons and learnings can be applied TODAY in every facet of business.”

Roya Darling

“This should be a part of every marketers reading list right now. The principles are sharply expressed, the examples are clear, and the style is entertaining.”

Mark C. Upshaw

“Through the prism of Google’s success, Goldman takes you on a journey of countless marketing anecdotes and insights that you can apply to your business.”


“Through crowdsourcing of industry expert interviews to incorporation of relevant tweets and URLs to Goldman’s own personal experiences, this is an excellent foundational book for the new age marketer.”

Jeff Campbell

“I really don’t see a small business owner getting much use out of it besides a few tidbits here and there.”

Ryan James

“Don’t get fooled that this book is just another Google book, this book provides a fresh and interesting perspective with suggestions and solutions on how to solve even the most complex marketing problems of the day.”

Jim Larrison

“Overly emotional – much prefer Vanessa Fox’s “Marketing in the Age of Google.” Better organized, less hyper, more useful.”

Loyd E. Eskildson

“I’ve read a lot of CRAPPY books lately. LUCKILY, this is NOT one of them.”

Lewis A. Gleek

“Goldman’s book is a must for every early student of marketing, but even old dogs will find more than just a few new tricks here.”

Mark Ailsworth

“This book will allow any business owner or marketer to understand the basic principals of driving online business.”


“If you are a marketer at any level, online or offline, this book is a must-read. You’ll have it finished in a week and will be better equipped professionally after having done so.”

Adam C.

“This books is chock full of internet marketing nuggets and great for SMB/Enterprise level companies that are looking to rethink their digital strategies.”


“I like this book. It isn’t perfect. It is more a ‘forest’ book than a ‘trees’ book.”

Jason L. Mcdonald

Barnes and Noble Reviews:

“Goldman seems equal to the intellectual superstars at Google.”

Rolf Dobelli

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