Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google

Janel Laravie, Chacka Marketing

Janel Laravie
Chacka Marketing

Which of my lessons resonates with you the most and why?

Relevancy Rules. It isn’t the #1 reason on your list without purpose. It is a phrase to live by, not just in marketing but in everything. If you’re relevant, the rest will come. If you’re not relevant, the rest simply cannot come.

What makes Google such a unique company? Why has it been so successful?

What makes Google unique? They strive to improve the norm. The biggest risk to a business is complacency and Google has never been a company that sits by idly accepting the way things are. The second thing is confidence, and maybe they teeter very close to cocky, but it works. Some of the biggest companies in the world are scared of Google.

How can search be used for branding? Why don’t more marketers leverage search for branding objectives?

Well, first and foremost, search is a direct response channel. A search query comes from outside stimulus, whether the searcher is simply thinking about something, conversing with someone or responding to advertising… a search is a response to something. That said, brand marketers have an extremely powerful opportunity to place their brands in front of consumers that are responding to stimuli outside of their own advertising.

If you manufacture digital cameras, why wouldn’t you bid on ‘digital cameras’.Search gives brand advertisers the opportunity to place their brand in the consideration set for purchase. All too often, they are relying on resellers to promote their brand in search. While these types of queries are good for resellers to, the searcher that looks for ‘digital cameras’ is very early on in the buying cycle, presenting brand advertisers an incredible opportunity to capture their consideration.

What did you think of Google’s Super Bowl ad?

Google’s Super Bowl ad is a perfect example of what advertising should do. It told a story, a simple story, that could resonate with everyone. There is a bit of irony to Parisian Love, as the majority of searchers gravitate to Google to find their answers, maybe we are all just in love with Google. For some of us that are closer to Google, we may have more of a love/hate relationship, but they still get more than 90% of my search queries!

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