Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google

Margi Michael, Lowe’s

Margi Michael
Director of Online Marketing & Merchandising

Lesson #4 is “Mindset Matters.” Can you share an example of Lowe’s targeting an audience that might be indirectly interested in your products but not overtly or directly searching at that moment on product-related keywords?

Moving is an important life-stage for Lowe’s customers and potential customers. When people are moving they’re much more likely to need our products and services. Because of that, we try to deliver our message when people thinking about moving, planning their move, or have recently completed a move. With Google, we can reach people at each of these stages and get them thinking about Lowe’s as an ally. The bottom line is that we can’t just wait around for people to figure out they need a product that we sell. Sometimes we have to build the need.

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